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Recruiting does not have to be difficult

Be a part of the recruiting revolution where companies, teams and managers are using Recruiter Machine to expand their organizations.

Recruiter Machine Is A Software Tool And System For High Volume Recruiting.

Recruiter Machine was created so entrepreneurs, team leaders and managers like you (who are already burdened with too many roles and responsibilities) could grow their organizations without sacrificing their most valuable commodity "Time"! Here's how it works:

  • You are given access and trained on how to use your own customized recruiter machine.

  • Your perfect recruit is defined and targeted.

  • Applicants enter your system and automation begins to screen and pump out new recruits.

  • Recruiter Machine then places the new recruit into onboarding, training and retention stages.

We Service The Whole United States

Our HQ Is Located In St George Utah


When does my trial period start?

As soon as your login and password are created, your trial period begins.

How is my advertising paid for?

We attach a credit card to you account to which all advertising expenditures run through.

Do you have long term contracts?

No! An agency agreement needs to be signed but you can cancel anytime by calling customer service and with written prior notice.

If I decide to cancel how does that work?

You can cancel anytime. Because we need to protect our customers we do require that you call customer service to inform them of cancelling and we need written notice for your protection.

Will I lose my data if I cancel?

As soon as you cancel you will no longer have access to the software service. Before you cancel you will be able to download any CSV files of applicants or customer contacts. We will allow customers one year to pause and reactivate before completely deleting your account unless specifically asked to delete the account.

Who does the website & funnel hosting?

We do. As a part of our website builder & funnel builder service we host those sites.If you have your own site already built then there is no need to use our service. If you have us build your sites and funnels we do require that you use our hosting.

How does the digital interview process work?

We give you a list of questions that you can choose from. Once you have chosen the questions you would like asked we will integrate those into a format where our prerecorded video interviewer will ask the questions through video and then the applicant will be allowed to respond through written responses or multiple choice.

Why do I have to schedule a demo before I start my free trial?

Recruiter Machine has lot of different tools and functions. The demo is to help you understand how the software works and for us to better assist you and your needs. Each system is unique and customizable and we want it just right for you.

Can I customize the automation?

Yes! Every one has unique needs. Your messaging and how you communicate with applicants can be customized. Your ATS and CRM can be customized also.

Do you have 24/7 Customer Support?

We are growing and trying our best to get to your questions and needs as soon as we can. As of now we can be reached from 7am EST to 7pm PST. If it's after hours your can email us at

Does software updates cost money?

No! The software updates are included with your service. When new exciting technology comes out we try our best to stay on top of the curve and integrate it with our software. Your suggestions are always welcome. Send suggestions to

Is my data and my applicants data secure?

Yes! We use top security measures to ensure you and your applicants data is secure. If you are in the medical industry we are fully HIPPA compliant also.

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This is not "Sky Net" from the Terminator Movies. This is a legitimate product and service that can help make you money. Give it a try!

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