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What Is A Digital Interview...?

The future is here. A "Digital Interview" is an interview that is performed through automation by a digital survey format. The interview's purpose is to screen applicants as soon as possible and categorize the applicants for hiring managers. It allows for hundreds of interviews to take place at any given moment that is most convenient to the applicant.

Digital Interviews are customizable and can use many different formats. The formats can include prerecorded video questions and video responses from the applicant or simple interactive questions with a variety of possible answer recordings.

Digital Interviews can have a positive and a negative impact with some applicants and therefore it is important that they are used properly. Here at Recruiter Machine we believe that there are way more positive benefits to both the company and the applicant when Digital Interviews are used in the screening process.

Benefits Of Using Digital Interviews

  • Quick interaction with the applicant
  • On-Demand interviews
  • 24/7, 365 screening
  • Savings on cost of labor
  • Time, Time, Time
  • Work with more qualified applicants
  • Categorize applicants based on responses
  • Can automate follow-up live interviews
  • Showcase your company and innovativeness
  • Convenient for the applicant

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