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Why Applicant Tracking Systems Are So Important For Recruiting & How Do They Work?

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What Is An Applicant Tracking System...?

An applicant tracking system makes a recruiters job much easier. It all begins with creating a pipeline. The pipeline is filled with stages. Each stage may or may not contain an automation trigger (automation is customized to meet your needs). If a trigger is activated it can cause a variety of automation options. Each stage of the pipeline is designed to progress the applicant towards being hired or disqualified. At any point the applicant fails to progress or even disqualifies themself, the system will automate and place the applicant in the predesigned stage sorting the applicant to easily manage for the recruiter.

You might be asking, how does the applicant enter the pipeline? A tracking number or link is created that is then placed in the call to action button that allows the applicant to apply to your empty position. Once the applicant clicks on the call to action button and submits the required information, they automatically enter the Recruiter Machine applicant tracking system. Triggers then activate automated messaging between your company and the applicant. The speed of communication between your company and the new applicant is a powerful tool to engage the applicant and showcase what your company has to offer.

The tracking number or link also serves as a measuring tool. You will be able to view which sources are causing the most success, which will help you decide where to best allocate your advertising dollars. The system also can show you bottle necks in your strategy and areas where you are losing the applicants interest.

Staying organized is crucial in the recruiting process. Teams need to coordinate all notes about the applicant for many reasons. An applicant tracking system allows each member of the team to view all past notes and all former communication. Phone calls, emails, text messages and voicemails are all stored under the applicant's profile.

If you are not using an applicant tracking system you are constantly walking a very thin line of catastrophic communication failure. To take that risk could be costing you new recruits. Also to mention that applicant tracking systems make the recruiters job more enjoyable and much easier.

Other Benefits To Using An Applicant Tracking System

  • Speed of communication
  • More enjoyable recruiting experience
  • Rulers and measurements for recruiter improvement
  • Visually simple to track applicants
  • 24/7, 365 non stop working automation
  • More recruits
  • Better ability to strategize
  • Cuts down on stress
  • Faster company growth
  • Ability to screen at a mass level
  • Attracts better applicants
  • Easy to use calendar programs that sync all of your calendars
  • Measurable data
  • Source success
  • Ability to allocate more efficient marketing dollars
  • Organized communication
  • Better experience for the applicant
  • More income
  • Better retention of recruiters and new hires
  • Saves company money
  • Allows scalability
  • Simple to use
  • Hire conversion of applicants to new hires
  • Simple to design follow-up messaging campaigns

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